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Field recording session: Creating Waterscapes

In this blog post I wanted to share a project i have been working on in my spare time. It started as an idea of getting a collections of waterscape recordings with ambiance from wind birds but still retaining the close presence of the river/creek recorded.  Started doing the recordings last summer. Used my usual recording gear. For ambiance I used the PCM-D100, for near field I used an ORTF-setup with the NT5s into my H6 and for the real close up I used a hydrophone, a H2a-XLR from Aquarian Audio in to the H6.

The first recording session was done on two locations. The first location was at a small creek running thru large drainpipe connecting two woodland lakes. Placed the D100 at some distance on one side of the drainpipe and the ORTF-setup and hydrophone on the other side.

The second location was at the end of a large river where the river empties to a lake. At this location I used the same strategy. D-100 at some distance from the river, ORTF setup in parallel with the running water in order to get a nice stereo image, placed the hydrophone where the water was the most turbulent.
Locations session 1:
S1-1: https://goo.gl/maps/hEA9kspeSK72
S1-2: https://goo.gl/maps/UHjXH2PhJRn

The second recording session was done later the same week. I found this old abandoned railway bridge over a small river with a small wooden bridge in parallel. This location had very interesting acoustic due to the railway bridge and since the bridge was located in the middle of the woods it had a very good natural ambiance. Tried several placements from the D100 for ambiance. One with the capsules in the direction to the railway bridge, second placement at the side of the wooden bridge in parallel with the water and the third placement about 10-20 m further into the woods. The latter placement was the most satisfying as ambiance. The ORTF setup was placed on the wooden bridge with the hydrophone directly underneath.

Location session 2:

It became quite clear when reviewing the recordings that the tracks with ambiance had the most impact on creating the spatial properties I set out to record. The near field tracks and hydrophone were important for the perceived size of the waterscape but not to the same degree as the ambiance. So by blending these tracks from each location or by blending different locations one can really transform the waterscape which brings us into the realm of sound design. The most interesting thing by doing these recordings is the profit one gets. By only using three different setups at three different locations one gets a large pallet of sounds one can use, study and transform too ones own liking.

The next steps for me at this point is to record even more waterscapes not only rivers and creeks but also beaches, waterfalls and essentially any other wasterscapes which could be of interest for the listener.
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