söndag 2 april 2017

Field recording session: Dawn Chorus

Last weekend I went to one of the nearby lakes to watch the sunrise and record the dawn chorus. Location: https://goo.gl/maps/QikNCHoQhRM2. This lake is essentially a flooded field and is great for bird-watching. The county (kommunen) has build bird-watching towers around the lake for easy access. This is not without problems since it is very popular place, and the sound pollution from both people and traffic can be large. However to record the dawn chorus on a Saturday is a good way to eliminate some of the sound pollution since not many people are a wake at 05:00 in the morning.

So I went to highest location at the lake, which is a cliff called Rödberget (loosely translated to Red Mountain) located at the south of the lake. At this location one gets a very nice overview of the entire lake. I did the same thing last year, however with less good results.

 Link to last years recording: 

This year I brought my trusty PCM-D100 and my ORTF stereo set-up a matched pair of RODE NT5:s connected to an H6. I placed the ORFT set-up at a fixed point at the edge of the cliff to get a nice stereo-image of the lake and placed the D100 at different locations throughout my visit. Did the recordings in HD, 96 kHz, 24 bit.

When listening back at the recordings I always get amazed about how much communication there is between animals which one misses when not paying attention and not activity listening.

So here are the recordings I made, I hope you enjoy listening to the as mush as I do and enjoyed recording them.

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